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Last call for consultations before summer break! We'll resume projects after Labor Day!

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I'm Greta and I'm a Decluttering and Organizing Expert.

Organizing is in my genes.  My mother is a champion organizer and declutterer herself.  While my neurodivergent brain has not always been my biggest ally, I found, as I grew into adulthood, that, paired with the work ethic I learned from my father, it was actually my biggest strength when it came to working on projects.

You see all those pretty color-coordinated pictures of organized areas on TV?  Sometimes, that's VERY unrealistic. It's my joy to help busy people take control of their clutter and to manage it in a way that fits their daily lifestyle - not just look aesthetically pleasing.

Organization is not just for those with fancy, new-build homes. We ALL need it!  Whether your home has gotten out of control, your business' paper files need a major overhaul, you're downsizing and need assistance, or you just don't have the time to finish the organizing projects you aspire to, we are here to help!

Once we work together to declutter your space, we'll make a plan to put it back together in a way that is functional and easy to maintain.

We serve all of Wisconsin with In-Person and Virtual Services, as well as Virtual Services for our out of state clients.

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