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Cozy January at Home - Hygge Home Series

Have you been staying updated with my podcast? We're in the middle of a Hygge at Home series for January. I'm planning to do one each month! January is one of my favorite hygge months because everything is cold outside and warm inside. This month, focus and relaxing indoor with a minimal, clean decor to contrast all the Christmas decor you had up last month, having a spa day at home, and creating a relaxing environment for those frigid, cold days (like today ... it's currently -7 outside).

Spa Day at Home

Spa Headband AMAZON

Gel Eye Mask AMAZON


Cozy at Home

Holy Hygge AMAZON


Rose Quartz Stanley Cup WILLIAMS SONOMA

Glass Candle Cloche WILLIAMS SONOMA


Cozy Home Decor

Fairy Lights AMAZON


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